Ace your Gemstone jewelry collection using these 7-spell bounding hacks

If given a chance, how would you want to style up your jewelry with your outfits? How should you make your jewelry collection exciting? What are the must-haves in your treasure box?


Perhaps, there are many more questions that might perplex a blingaholic. Besides, the effort that goes into the process of finding the right jewelry piece is immense and jading. Keeping this in mind, here we are with some hacks, know-hows, and ideas that allow you to ace your gemstone jewelry collection effortlessly.


Remember to have fun

It is as simple as this, seriously! Accessorizing is about having fun. Start experimenting with the basics, like the length of the jewelry, shapes, and textures for the appealing look, and, most importantly, know the occasion.

Mix and match the handmade jewelry like bracelets, pendants, and rings with each other and see which combination works best for you.


Know the line

Pieces of jewelry are a dear friend; but, that doesn't mean you overdo them. A balanced combination of jewelry pieces is necessary to make the look elegant and sophisticated.


If you want to highlight the neckline, you should concentrate on keeping other things low. It is important not to mess up the look.

In case you are planning to go for a heavy Neckline, you can opt for Layering Necklace. else you can keep it simple yet polished by opting for wire-wrapped jewelry like a wire-wrapped bracelet or serenity bracelet for a neat look. Oh yes, here’s a hack: Remember bracelets are not only limited to the wrist, they can also be worn on ankles.

Do not forget to wear a Ring

We tend to undermine the importance of wearing a ring. It may seem like a teensy-weensy part of an attire but it is as essential as any other piece of jewelry.Rings are bewitching and elegant. They can make up for whimsical and attractive jewelry. You can add some swagger to your look by choosing wire-wrapped rings or gemstone-infused handmade jewelry.


Carry your Quirkiness and Chic quotient

Uniqueness has been an unsaid trend. You can showcase your personality in handmade jewelry that is super chic and luxurious, like a glimpse of joy in this happy full moon necklace or tranquility in this serenity of the ocean Necklace.

You can also mix elements of your personality in the different wire-wrapped jewelry that looks captivating and has striking designs.



Gemstone Jewelry

Did you know that Gemstones are also called healing stones? If you didn’t, now you do! There are so many interesting facts about gemstones that we are not aware of. They will certainly add royalty and charisma to any jewelry piece you own; they are always in demand! These delicate and shiny gemstones can make you everyday look sophisticated. Gemstone jewelry is undoubtedly going to take your look a notch higher.


Gemstones have varied choices. You can either choose a gemstone pearl pendant or a fancy jasper pendant. You can also wear them as healing stones due to their soothing and pleasing nature.


Make your trend

It is hard to keep up with the changing trends. Raise your hand if you agree. However, change is the need of the hour but is it important to align our fashion as per the world? Of course no!We often slide ourselves into those shoes that we don't even want to fit in. When you wear a trend that you make for yourself, you are more confident, stylish, and bold. Remember to always embrace your quirkiness and style instead of surrendering to the unidentified peer pressure.


For the bond of love

Jewelry is an essential element of love. It brings people together. It gives them a story to remember.

So, don’t you wanna create a story of your own? Try presenting a token to your love in the form of wire-wrapped jewelry or shiny gemstones to ensure that the sparkle in your love never fades.

Tips to keep your Handmade Jewelry dazzling as ever

-Use a soft cloth to polish your beaded Jewels

-Store your jewelry in a dry place

-Use water solution to clean your beaded Jewelry

-Handmade and gemstone jewelry should be cleaned separately to ensure that one does not damage the stones.

-Do not dip the jewels in solutions for too long

Bottom line

Jewelry says what you can’t! You only have to keep it authentic and stylish while you are choosing the designs and colors. Be wise and select the pieces that can match easily with most of your outfits.


Also, don't hesitate to experiment with handmade jewelry and learn to break the rules. If wearing what you wear works for you, you should certainly go for it and enrich your personality. Besides, it is said that "incorporating jewelry into your look is always a good idea" and one cannot disagree with that.

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